Similar to many immigrants, the Lee family hoped for better opportunities when they emigrated from Taiwan to New York City in 1989. With their strong passion for food, they found themselves a promising family business cooking and selling Chinese vegetarian gourmet foods out of their own kitchen. From cooking, packaging, to delivery, each family member played a role in this business. In the first three years, what started as a small business quickly outgrew their kitchen. This lead to the establishment of Water Lilies Foods Inc., a modest facility of solely vegetarian cuisine was born in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn in 1995.

In just five years, Water Lilies continued to expand which included changing their original business focus. A supermarket chain that was in search of a non-vegetarian line of Chinese appetizers contacted Water Lilies. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to expand their line, Water Lilies obtained a USDA certification for their facility and the new appetizer line was yet another example of Water Lilies’ continuous effort in researching and developing only the best quality products, which has played a key role in their success. By May 2006, the company took another huge step and became USDA organic certified. Their customers and business have continued to increase - pushing them again to expand to a larger location.

In September 2006, Water Lilies Food relocated to a 48,000 square foot location. With this new and larger facility, they are able to implement newer and more automated equipment. The volume and productivity have more than doubled as a result of this. At the start of 2008, a line of authentic Asian entrées was launched with much success. With their perpetual passion for food and dedication to family tradition, Water Lilies strive to deliver the highest quality and most delicious products to their clients for years to come.